Friday, April 6, 2012

Heyyyyy Guyyyyyyyssssss...

I made this blog for the store I am opening soon in Pilsen, at 1253 W. 18th St. Chicago, IL. It's called Angel Dust and it is a junk store.
There are a few reasons that this is a blog. One is that making a real website is like basically impossible, plus who likes them anyway? They are totally annoying.  Another is that opening a business is really challenging, especially financially, therefor I am doing this thing via Indie Go-Go (cool name guys) where people (I hope!!!) donate money so I can tie up all the loose ends and open this beast.  Indie Go-Go only lets you put up like one photo, so the blog is to show what's up with the store and where donors can see what amazing gift(s) they will receive for their generosity.  Here is the inside of the store and some items within (there is also a pic of my refrigerator, it's included to give an idea of my general, everyday inspiration):

 thanks for looking, check back soon for details on the gifts available if you donate, more merch, inspiration, details, EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE FOR REAL. Remember when Andy Dick had that reality show (it was so good) and he would hiss, "Elimination time BITCHES"? I know it makes no sense in this context whatsoever but I feel like ending this post with that. It's even weirder too because I don't even mean it competitively with anyone. Maybe it's just toward life. Like yeah man, I'm going to open this insane store, so what? I make the rules here. ELIMINATION TIME BITCHES.



  2. Hello, I know I'm late to the game but are you currently writing a blog elsewhere? I found Deep Troll by chance a few weeks ago and devoured it all in a day or so and now I'm withdrawals. PLEASE let me know if there is somewhere else I can find your writing online. xoxo Thanks, Mary

  3. Hi I'm interested in the pink boots in the window but it's closed today when will you be open again?